Art Gallery Bednářová

Art Gallery Bednářová
Život přináší stále nové podněty. Neustále hledáme, toužíme po kráse a harmonii. Pokud moje obrazy potěší třeba jen jednoho člověka, pak moje práce není zbytečná.....

Hana Bednářová


About the author

HANA BEDNÁŘOVÁ (born Rolincová)

born 24.3.1959 in Olomouc

Studies: Grammar school of F.Palacky in Valašské Meziříčí
Palacký University in Olomouc – Philosophical faculty
(Department of History)

The author lives and procreates in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic

The author gained the theoretical foundations for her future creative work via the study of art history with doc. PhDr. Ivo Hlobil and she further pursued the study hour. She also studied foreign languages and attended to lecturing, translation and interpretor activities, for the last ten years she has almost exclusively been focusing on the fine art. Among her sources of inspiration belong her study journies and summer stayings during which she visits galleries nad paints (Italy – Tuscana, France – Paris and Provence, Netherlands etc.). The author admires the Impressionists, the period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The repeated stayings in the central and southern Dalmatia are benefitial to her creation as the seaside landscape and its flora pose the endless inspiration (cycle THE TREES, cycle the Landscapes of My Dreams). Her paintings are noted for dynamic and vivid colours, the author likes experimenting and works with shapes and structures. The author mostly uses the combined technique (acrylic, oil and pastel paint), tempera (aquarelles), also some interesting collages arose (Tribute to Edith Piaf – 2003, MATA HARI – 2000). The picture made of carved ceramic tiles, which was created according to the authors lay-out in the ceramic work-shop of Mr. And Mrs. Bok (Magical tree – 2007) is rare in her creation. As the main subject of creative activities of Hana Bednářová however remains the painting which conforms her nature the best.
The author has been having exhibitions since 2004 and she has had nearly twenty single exhibitions and some common exhibitions. Her paintings are situated in private collections not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, USA…).

…“for Hana Bednářová the fine art long ago became the part of her life – remarks the art historian PhDr. Alena Podzemná – …the author deliberately focuses her creative process on coherence and compactness of all used elements and on connecting through the two creative procedures which on one hand honour the drawing line as autonomous decorative element, at the same time they liberate and soften this moving ornamentality by painter´s comprehension of gesture and space. The author creates paintings which express the charge of this contrast.
Author´s personality base and substance of her spiritual orientation also form in determining way iconographical aspect of her work. The inspirations searched for in the world of nature are replenished with impulses stemming from her human and very privy experience. In the angle of view of the author´s human and also creative interest a figure – woman´s torso with highlighted marks of maternity upwards starts to appear. The surety in creating well-arranged colourful structures is distinctive for her. Her paintings are characterized by clean, clear and beaming colourfulness. Also a warm and flavoursome flamboyance remains which is not lacking in expressive tones of blue, green with acords of white, gold and purple, asserting themselves in the interpretation of the fanciful blossom and trees. The paintings of Hana Bednářová do not cease to be a mirror of her dreams, but first of all reflect her own intensive relationship to the world, nature and the people“.
A. Podzemná / March 2009
(introductory word to the exhibition: Hana Bednářová – The Landscapes of My Dreams, Gallery KZ Valašské Meziříčí)